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Certified LEED Building Upgrades image Certified LEED Building Upgrades image

As a Member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Fidelity Mechanical Services is committed to the construction of environmentally responsible and healthy buildings. Whether you are constructing a building from the ground up or renovating an existing facility, Fidelity Mechanical Services can assist you in achieving your goal of attaining Platinum, Gold or Silver building status from the Council. Our professional engineers are well versed at incorporating LEED principles for energy conservation and environmental resource management, all with a focus on managing costs.

Our LEED Engineering/Construction Team offers the following services:

  • LEED scorecard evaluation
  • LEED costs management
  • “Green but Lean” construction
  • ASHRAE 90.1 Energy requirement evaluation
  • Alternative refrigerants
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Alternate Energy Solutions
  • Water consumption/recycling solutions
  • Electrical consumption evaluations of existing buildings

Certified LEED Building Upgrades image